R-winch Pro

Our company has been able to produce a high-quality hand winch for arborists. Thanks to being the sole authorized distributor of HARKEN Industrial domestically. R-winch has a specifically designed mount which is carefully manufactured by a Japanese craftsmen, and has the most finest winch in the world. With many years of experience and expertise, our company has been able to produce a domestically-made, high-quality hand winch.                        

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R-winch H.P

The High-Performance Series is a further evolution of R-winch designed for arborists using it in special logging sites. This gooseneck type winch, born from a joint development between HARKEN Industrial, is capable of overwhelming performance compared to the conventional HARKEN winches. Our company is the only authorized dealer of this product in Japan.

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History & Details

Introducing the history of R-winch, from the encounter with HARKEN Industrial to the birth of domestically-produced hand winches. If you are interested in the detailed history of R-winch, please take a look.

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As an authorized distributor in Japan that has received manufacturer training and guidance, we are capable of disassembling R-winch for cleaning and performing appropriate repairs.

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We sell various products, including original goods of R-winch. Please check our Facebook or news to be notified of new arrivals. Thank you for your support.

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HARKEN Industrial

As the sole authorized distributor of HARKEN Industrial in Japan, we offer a wide range of HARKEN products, including the indispensable footgear for arborists, "ninja".

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If you have any questions about R-winch or any other products, please feel free to contact us via phone or the contact form.
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